Employer’s liabilities

14th June 2018 9:47 am Comments Off on Employer’s liabilities

We all know that being an employer is complicated and expensive. Yesterday (13th June 2018) the Supreme Court confirmed that businesses can be liable for years of unpaid holiday (and sick) pay, now payable to people they thought were self-employed. The press seem to be making a big thing of this – but the Supreme Court has merely confirmed years’ worth of decisions by lower courts, including the Court of Appeal.

What does this mean for you? If any person works for you and you do not give paid holiday to that person, seek advice from an Employment lawyer as you might (or might not) be liable to pay them for arrears of holiday pay and sick pay.  Call our employment law specialist Craig Havard on 01628 631051 or email him at craig.havard@colemans.co.uk to discuss what to do next.

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