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Contact with children following divorce

December 14, 2015

Every year, 12,000 couples with children decide to live apart. As the recent high-profile case of Rebecca Minnock and her son Ethan illustrated, making arrangements for parenting following the break-up of a relationship can be challenging. Section 1 of the Children Act 1989 states that whenever a court has to make a decision concerning the…

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Planning Permission

December 11, 2015

Planning permission granted to extend and convert Colemans’ offices to flats. On Wednesday 25 November the Maidenhead Development Control Panel unanimously resolved to grant planning permission for the redevelopment of Colemans’ offices which involved partially converting the existing building and further extending it to create ten two bedroom flats and one one bedroom flat.  The…

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Autumn Property Update 2015

December 10, 2015

So this is my first property update starting with autumn; one of my favourite times of year, although, you’ll probably find me saying that every season. All have their own unique charm, don’t you think? What’s been happening? Has it been busy or not?  I feel like I have been asking myself this question a…

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Inheritable ISA Allowance

November 13, 2015

The question A number of people are asking us about changing their Wills to take advantage of the new inheritable ISA allowance. If you already know about ISAs (or if you don’t want to know about ISAs), skip down to “The answer” –  otherwise read on. The background The background is that every adult is…

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Residential Property – what home buyers need to know

October 22, 2015

Buying a home can be the fulfilment of your dreams, but it can also be an anxious and stressful experience too. If this is the first time you’ve bought a property then the process of “conveyancing”, as it is often referred to, can seem daunting as there is a lot of paperwork involved.  This is…

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Full and frank disclosure required of all parties

October 16, 2015

A landmark ruling by the Supreme Court made on 14th October 2015 sends a “shot across the bows” to parties in divorce cases by reiterating the Court’s sanctioning power if parties are found to be fraudulent and dishonest about their finances and, in doing so, seek to mislead the Court. The joint appeals of Alison…

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Success at the 360 Legal Awards 2015!

October 8, 2015

Colemans are delighted to have been announced as the winners of the 360 Legal Group “Member Firm of the Year” award for 2015 at the National 9th Annual Conference and Awards Dinner held in Warwickshire on 1st and 2nd October 2015. The candidates for this award were solicitors firms throughout the country ranging from sole…

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The “Million Pound Nil-Rate Band”

September 25, 2015

I’ve read about the Million Pound Nil-Rate Band and I want one.  How do I get it? You don’t, at least not yet, and maybe not at all. The first thing you need to know about the Million Pound Nil-Rate Band is that there isn’t one.  Nothing has changed and nothing will change until 2017….

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Compulsory Purchase Orders – fairness matters

September 4, 2015

With the future looking brighter in the construction industry, new developments are springing up across our towns and cities. The government has pledged to build more than 200,000 homes and the planning laws have been relaxed to speed up the process So, if a Local Authority or other body is set on building new homes…

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Boundary disputes – crossing the line

August 28, 2015

Every year, neighbours find themselves falling out over boundary issues such as fences, tree branches, leylandii hedges and shared access to property. Fierce battles are often fought over just a few inches of land and can turn into prolonged and expensive legal disputes. Common problems Under Section 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003, owners…

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