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My Husband and I have just completed on a property. What could have been a complex transaction, due to the number of dependencies, in fact became a very streamlined, promptly and efficiently managed case. 

Unlike our previous acquisitions, which have pertained to investment properties, this transaction carried emotional value which makes us even more appreciative of John’s obvious competence and guidance throughout the entire process. 

An affable and consummate professional makes us think he is an absolute asset to the Coleman’s brand!

K McGrath

Working with John Escott has made the whole conveyancing process so easy.  He’s been very efficient and never presented a problem – always a solution.  I would highly recommend Colemans when buying / selling property.

M & L Budge

I was recommended by a colleague to Colemans for the sale of my business as a going concern. The main asset of the sale being commercial property. I had previously used quite large London based solicitors and had no dealings with local commercial solicitors. Mike Stone and his colleague Mary Kilner, who deals with company law, were excellent. They are good negotiators in terms of ensuring the client gets the best terms possible but also understand the commercial aspects of the deal. Their advice throughout the transaction was well considered and invaluable to me. I have been so impressed with them that I will be using their services going forward for various matters both commercial and personal.

Commercial Property and Business Client

Faced with a bad tenant who had abandoned a property, leaving it in a damaged state we hired Sheena Bradfield to sort out the legal problems and allow us to retake possession of the property.  This could have gone very wrong and potentially have taken a long time and a lot of money to sort out but Sheena was meticulous in the preparation of court papers and the judge commended her on her work and we regained possession of the property at the first attempt.  Apart from saving us time and money, this saved us a great deal of aggravation and stress.  We were relieved to get this over and settled and are grateful to Sheena for the work she did to ensure it was dealt with swiftly.

Litigation Client

I have been recently laid off due to Corporate Reorganisation therefore required a Solicitor to look into Settlement Agreement. This was rather distressful time for me so I wanted to close this chapter and move on – this is where Mrs Mary Kilner and her Team stepped in.

Highly professional, emphatic and very diligent – those are only few merits to describe service I was provided with.

I never wish for anyone to find themselves in Redundancy situation but if you do, Mrs Mary Kilner is the person who will fight for the best outcome of your case!

Michał Paszek

I recently had the need to employ a solicitor specialising in employment law to handle a settlement between my employer and myself after a disagreement and a term of sickness away from work. After calling your reception, I was contacted by Mrs Mary Kilner, who was to handle the case on my behalf.

I would just like to express my thanks to Mrs Kilner and her team who not only completed the settlement within days, but also managed to secure an extra sum that I was not excepting.

The experience with Colemans has been smooth and painless and I would not hesitate to recommend or use the firm again in the future.

Peter Hughes

Elizabeth managed my case for me with professionalism and empathy, and I felt completely confident with her approach to what was a complex and long-drawn out matter.  I would highly recommend Elizabeth and Sue – thank you for handling a very difficult situation with such sound advice and understanding.

Family Law Client

During 2012/2013 Elizabeth was able to guide me through the complex divorce processes generated by my marriage breakdown. Elizabeth’s advice and guidance was extremely efficient and professional but it was her personal attention to my individual situation that give me the confidence and the satisfaction in the knowledge that I had chosen the right person and company to deal with my circumstances.

Family Law Client, Maidenhead

Michael Stone is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in Commercial Property matters. For the past eighteen months I’ve been working with him on behalf of Cincom regarding issues such as under leases, licences to underlet and alter. His precise and personable approach gives us great assurance that everything that he advises us on will be accurate and effective. I wouldn’t want to use any other solicitor for our Commercial Property matters.

Jill Collingwood, Company Secretary

My family has been successfully engaging Colemans for many years – it’s a bit of a tradition. Although I live in London, travelling to see them in Maidenhead is worthwhile in order to get the service I’ve come to trust. I mainly work with Michael Stone on Commercial Property matters such as sale and purchases, which often includes complex Land Registry challenges around restructuring. Michael is highly professional, reliable and direct.

Anita Clifford, Director

I’ve worked with Mike extensively over the past few years; most recently regarding mutual IT solutions and global manufacturing clients. He is very thorough, steadfast in negotiations and a powerful professional to have on one’s side. I’m always confident that all details will be meticulously in order. If you’ll forgive the pun, Mike Stone leaves no ‘stone’ unturned…

Cliff Jackson, Director/Commercial Property Agent

As an equal partner in a private healthcare business, I suddenly found my professional integrity jeopardised when my then business partner wanted to restructure. It was incredibly traumatic and at one point, I felt like giving up my profession. Then I engaged Mary Kilner at Colemans. Apart from being highly knowledgeable and experienced in Commercial Law, Mary was a very calming influence, a great listener and mentor. She gave me the confidence to fight and the opportunity to regain my dignity and was just there for me – professionally and personally. Today, I have a new business and am so glad that I remained in the career I worked so hard to build.

Kate Sheehan

Together with a group of colleagues, I was employed by a company that had been taken over by an American-Japanese organisation and was asked to relocate to new location in Buckinghamshire – not an ideal commute for any of us. Presented with a set of severance options by the take-over company, we were advised to engage an external lawyer to review the legal documentation before signing. The company had no HR function in the UK, and as the most senior person in our group, I researched local solicitors and chose Mary Kilner at Colemans.

That proved to be a very wise decision. The take-over company’s solicitor was extremely aggressive and set impractical, tight response deadlines but Mary’s negotiation on our behalf was equally forceful, professional and imposingly effective. She made invaluable, substantive changes to numerous proposed clauses and took the time to ensure that we all fully understood what we were signing for. Mary is a force to be reckoned with in her profession.

George Hoskins, Operations Manager

I recently took external legal advice regarding a compromise agreement with my former employer.  It was a large organisation for which this sort of thing was routine, and I was given to understand that I was being asked to sign a document with standard terms and conditions.  One of those conditions was that I sought independent advice before signing.

“Being local to Maidenhead, I contacted Colemans and was put in touch with Mary Kilner.  Mary is highly experienced in this kind of work, and was very professional and meticulous. That attention to detail was vital as she quickly highlighted a couple of questionable clauses within the agreement. After some to-ing and fro-ing between Mary and my employer, the modifications she requested were duly accepted and consolidated.  The service was prompt and efficient, and I would definitely recommend Colemans – and Mary Kilner.

J Baker

My experience with Colemans has been excellent. Having engaged Michael Stone to decipher and resolve what had been a long, drawn out leasing issue; his impressive grasp of the law and attention to detail provided a quick and successful resolution. His advice was extremely thorough and comprehensive and service, first-rate.  I shan’t hesitate to use Colemans again for my own matters and to recommend the firm to others.

M C A Cowan

Michael Stone is vastly experienced in Commercial Property matters. He’s refreshingly honest and direct, with a solution-based approach.

Ian Sweeting, Director and Chairman
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