Family law

When relationships falter for whatever reason, and there seems to be no agreed way forward, it can be emotional and confusing.

You may be unsure as to what to do next and worried about how to protect yourself, and perhaps your children. You may also want or need to clarify your financial position immediately. It’s not always easy to talk about extremely private issues, and seeking a solicitor can seem a daunting step to take. We’re here to help and taking early advice can be invaluable.

Our Family team offers experience and knowledge. We have a sensitive, practical approach that will help you – and the rest of your family – to move onto the next chapter of your life.

As members of the accredited Family Law body, Resolution, our aim is to reach a non-confrontational solution, which considers the needs of your whole family. However, standing up for your rights is an important part of our role and when a non-confrontational solution cannot be reached, we will be there to look after your best interests and those of your children. Read more…

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Family Law – our key areas of expertise…

  • Divorce and separation. Advice on resolving issues around how to separate, where to live, how long it will take, expert advice on children arrangements and financial matters and what the difference is between divorce and separation.
  • Division of financial assets. Advice, support and direction in negotiating finances upon separation, including property, pensions and business assets and maintenance.
  • Children matters. Sensitive child-centred matters relating to residence and contact.
  • Cohabitation. Explanation/drafting of cohabitation agreements relating to arrangements which will apply when parties are living together; as well as establishing rights in event of relationship breakdown.
  • Civil partnerships. Guidance on the rights and responsibilities that apply when a couple enter into a civil partnership. Drafting of agreements.
  • Pre-nuptial agreements. Advice and drafting agreements in this emerging area of law. Read more…
  • Mediation. Facilitation of meetings between parties to resolve disputes, in a confidential and neutral environment. Support in the negotiation of future family plans.
  • Domestic abuse. Confidential and experienced advice on this area and protection including injunctions and what to do in the event of breaches of court orders.

In addition, our other areas of expertise in property, business, Wills and Trusts can also provide invaluable advice, related to family matters.

Going through a family crisis? Instruct Colemans.

…We’re an ideal combination of legal knowledge, experience and service.

Initial 1 hour consultation for £150 including VAT

Our Family Department offers an initial 1 hour consultation for a fixed fee of £150 including VAT. Contact one of our specialist family solicitors on telephone 01628 631051 or e-mail to make an appointment.

We’re here to help.

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Solicitor, Family and Employment Law

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Consultant Solicitor (Non Practising)

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