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I haven’t got a Will

14th May 2019 2:04 pm Comments Off on I haven’t got a Will

Your Will is your last chance to exercise control over your affairs and to change people’s lives so it is very important!

With no Will, you have no say over who gets what and when – on your death, the law will pass some (but not all) joint assets to the co-owner then divide what is left among some of your relatives.

The result may not be at all what you want. It may leave people you care about having to fight for what you should have left them.

If you have children, with no Will you have no control over who would take them in and bring them up, who would manage their money until they are old enough, or over when “old enough” would be.

Yes, but I don’t need a Will because:- I am married so it all goes to my spouse anyway/she is my “common law wife” so it all goes to her anyway/I’m not rich enough/I’m not old enough…

Often these “reasons” are nonsense – talk to us to find out why. Or you may not need a Will – some people really don’t – but you won’t know that until you have talked to a specialist solicitor about your circumstances and wishes and found out for sure.

But my situation is really very simple.

You may think that, but until you have talked to a specialist solicitor, you cannot be sure you are right. If all you need is a simple Will, then that is what we will write for you, but you will know that nothing has been missed.

Specialist solicitor? Yes. These days the law is so complex that most solicitors focus on narrow areas of it and very few specialise in this field, which is often more technical than most! It involves succession, equity, mental capacity, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax, large elements of property law, company and family law issues, and insolvency.

Michael Cutler has been a solicitor for over 35 years and was admitted in 1995 to membership of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (‘STEP’), the international, cross-professional specialist body for the most skilled and experienced in this field.

If you are not sure whether you need a Will, come and talk to us.

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