Sheena Bradfield

Paralegal, Litigation

01628 631051

“I don’t like losing. Working hard to get the best results for my clients drives me on.” 

Sheena at-a-glance

Sheena has worked for Colemans for the past 18 years. Over that time, she has built up a good understanding of Commercial and Property law which proves extremely useful in her role of Paralegal, where she specialises in debt recovery.

Today, Sheena works closely with Colemans’ Head of Litigation Kate Williams to deliver a successful and proactive debt recovery service for the firm’s clients.

Key expertise and experience

  • Debt recovery (private/commercial). Tailored creditor advice on legal rights, procedures and a wide range of enforcement options; debtor advice/negotiation settlements.
  • Enforcement. Attachment of earnings orders, third party debtor orders, charging orders, statutory demands winding up and bankruptcy petitions and orders for sale of property.
  • Landlord and tenant disputes. Advice on service of and drafting statutory notices and possession proceedings.

Renowned for… 

  • Being determined, decisive and dedicated
  • Her winning, “terrier” instinct.

Niche expertise…

  • Cost effective debt recovery: Commercial – non-payment for goods/services received.
  • Effective enforcement of judgments.

Key career achievements…

Extracting over £50,000 from a recalcitrant debtor’s bank account, much to the delight of her client.

Outside of work…

Sheena is married with two children. She and her husband are accomplished surfers and their children are already learning to ride the waves…

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