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Do I need to bother with a new commercial lease?

November 30, 2018

I am often asked by clients whether or not they need to bother with a new commercial lease when they are simply allowing an existing tenant to remain in occupation, or only letting commercial premises for a short period of time.  There are, of course, very good reasons why a proper lease should be put…

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Pre-nuptial agreements

October 15, 2018

We’ve heard a lot about “pre-nups” or pre-nuptial agreements in the US, but what about in this country? Do “pre-nups” exist? If so, what do they do and are they conclusive? Denise Bullock of Colemans explains how the concept of pre-nuptial agreements has been carried over into English law and the significance of them in…

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What is “conveyancing”?

October 11, 2018

A general guide “Conveyancing” is the legal process of transferring home ownership from the seller to the buyer.  Whilst every transaction is different, there are a number of crucial steps in the legal process that are common to each sale and purchase transaction and we have outlined these below by way of a general guide….

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Buying or selling a business: Key early agreements to consider

April 16, 2018

The decision to develop and expand your business by buying a new business (or selling yours) is always a serious prospect and one which you cannot afford to take lightly, writes Victoria Lloyd-White of Colemans Solicitors LLP. Say you’ve decided to buy or sell the assets of a business. Before you proceed, it’s crucial you…

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Kate Williams takes over as Managing Partner

April 9, 2018

Colemans Solicitors LLP, one of Maidenhead’s most established and prestigious law firms, has recently appointed Kate Williams as Managing Partner with effect from 1st April 2018. Kate initially joined the firm as a paralegal and later began her formal legal career at the firm in 2007, as a trainee solicitor. She made outstanding progress in…

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Equity release

April 3, 2018

Taking advice, both financial and legal, is key. Extracting money from your house could impact on some aspects of your finances that are not immediately obvious for example your eligibility for means-tested benefits before you die. Equity release is where you release some of the value (equity) in your home to provide you with some…

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It’s Time for a Change – Restructuring & Reorganisations

December 13, 2017

During their life-time all companies, businesses, partnerships and sole traders will have to react to personal, economic, financial and political change (or indeed anticipate it and take proactive action) as certain factors become more salient at any given point in time. Organisations that refuse to change with the times face the risk of becoming obsolete…

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Industrial shed to home

November 23, 2017

A new permitted development right allowing light industrial buildings to be used for residential purposes without the need for planning permission came into effect on 1st October 2017. The change of use will be subject to a process of prior approval from the Local Planning Authority similar to that applicable when looking to change offices…

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Colemans win again!

November 15, 2017

Partners Kate Williams and Michael Stone who recently attended the Symphony Legal Conference and Awards, were delighted to accept an award on behalf of the firm for the “Most Innovative Marketing Idea”. The firm won this Award because of their innovative use of the firm’s website to showcase its’ support for the various charitable causes…

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Colemans welcomes Victoria Lloyd-White

October 31, 2017

Maidenhead based firm Colemans Solicitors LLP is pleased to welcome a new member to the Commercial Property team. Victoria Lloyd-White joins Colemans from a firm in Oxfordshire and brings with her a wealth of commercial property transaction experience from her previous posts working in-house for a Local Authority and in private practice for firms in…

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