Residential Property – what home buyers need to know

October 22, 2015

Buying a home can be the fulfilment of your dreams, but it can also be an anxious and stressful experience too. If this is the first time you’ve bought a property then the process of “conveyancing”, as it is often referred to, can seem daunting as there is a lot of paperwork involved.  This is…

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Compulsory Purchase Orders – fairness matters

September 4, 2015

With the future looking brighter in the construction industry, new developments are springing up across our towns and cities. The government has pledged to build more than 200,000 homes and the planning laws have been relaxed to speed up the process So, if a Local Authority or other body is set on building new homes…

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Boundary disputes – crossing the line

August 28, 2015

Every year, neighbours find themselves falling out over boundary issues such as fences, tree branches, leylandii hedges and shared access to property. Fierce battles are often fought over just a few inches of land and can turn into prolonged and expensive legal disputes. Common problems Under Section 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003, owners…

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July 7, 2015

A massive improvement to rail travel to London! A hugely positive impact on business within the commuter belt! A super quick commute! A much smoother ride! Worth the expense! Or, just a hugely expensive project that will make no real difference to commuters or to business in the UK?! Is it a total waste of…

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