Is stalking a form of domestic abuse?

13th January 2021 10:00 am Comments Off on Is stalking a form of domestic abuse?

Yes, stalking is increasingly being recognised as a form of domestic abuse within the criminal justice system and most stalking offences are committed by former partners.

In 2019 to 2020, 2,288 charges were brought for stalking, more than double the number of charges brought five years ago. This is because stalking is increasingly recognised as being part of a wider pattern of domestic abuse.

What is stalking?

Stalking is a pattern of repeated, unwanted behaviour that causes you to feel distressed or scared. Whilst there is no particular definition of ‘stalking’, such behaviour includes following a person, watching or spying on them, or forcing contact with a person through any means, including social media. It can be perpetrated by men or women.

How can we help you?

We understand that being stalked by a former partner can cause individuals to feel traumatised, humiliated, and sometimes even in genuine fear for their safety or their lives.

If you are being stalked, then you are being subjected to a form of domestic abuse. You can read about what you should do and how our specialist family solicitors can help you here.

If you would like to arrange a confidential initial discussion with one of our family solicitors, telephone 01628 631051 or email We will ask you what your preferred method of communication is in order to keep you as safe as possible.

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